Marketing Strategy

  Market Expansion

  Sales and Client Retention

  Insurance Asset Management


  Sales Presentation Skills


Sales and Client Retention

Grow and Retain Clients


  • Prospecting and Cross-selling Strategy: Assess effectiveness of prospecting and cross-selling approaches; and provide strategic and tactical direction to augment marketing and sales efforts.
  • Meeting and Presentation Direction: Review both written and verbal presentations for content, style and delivery. Analyze sales meeting approach and structure, and offer guidance to maximize effectiveness. Evaluate results of sales meetings, and offer adjustments to improve new client closing rate.
  • One-on-One Coaching and Personnel Evaluation: Conduct personalized coaching with sales team members to identify strengths and challenges, then coach them for optimal performance.

Client Retention

  • Client Satisfaction Analysis: Survey clients to determine satisfaction and identify at-risk clients. Analyze reasons for any dissatisfaction to identify potential areas of weakness, and offer suggestions for corrections.
  • Client-specific Retention Strategy: Customize strategy to both retain and grow assets with each client.

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