We partner with investment managers, around the country, to help them build profitable and sustainable businesses. Whether your firm is large or small, established or a start-up, we can tailor a plan to your specific situation, challenges and goals.

Here's what clients are saying about us:

“Jeff and John bring together a unique combination of objective skills-based presentation training with the insights of a seasoned practitioner. This provided us with a constructive institutionally-focused session, improving not only the delivery of the message but, importantly, the message itself.”
Peter Anderson, Chief Marketing Officer
Boston Advisors

“With all the recent market turmoil, rapidly changing regulations and shifting investor preferences, we found ourselves treading water on the marketing front. We brought in Margolis Advisory Group for their specific industry expertise, and they completed an in-depth forensic analysis for us, which proved to be both insightful and extremely helpful. They delivered usable and practical advice on time and on budget, and we were very happy we found them.”
Charles E. Johnson, Founder and Managing Director
Tano Capital

“We value the insights and strategic thinking that Margolis Advisory Group brings to our business. There is no substitute for experience in the investment arena.”
Dave Blankenship, President
AEGON USA Investment Management and AEGON USA Realty Advisors

“Margolis Advisory Group hit the ground running. Jeff and Janie quickly assessed our needs and effectively helped focus our business development and client service efforts with impressive results.”
Dave J. Breazzano, President
DDJ Capital Management

“Margolis Advisory Group provided our firm sound, insightful marketing expertise as we embarked upon a comprehensive strategic growth plan for our small cap product. The advise on marketing strategies and product positioning was extremely helpful.”
Rodney Herenton, Co-founder, Director of Marketing
Channing Capital Management, LLC

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